A Former New-Ager Turned Fundie Christian Wackjob to Avoid, and Why

When the notoriously saccharine and paradoxically-named doyenne of the oracle divination deck known as Doreen Virtue left the ranks of the New Age after an alleged vision of Jesus, I left it alone. I figured, I’ve never been that connected to or invested in the leaders of the New Age subculture and I’m not really phased by which God or Goddess gives people their goosebumps so what’s the point in commenting? If visions of Christ and his disciples—looking oddly like the Manson family—can be visited upon Divine in John Waters classic film, “Multiple Maniacs” (Youtube it!),  then why can’t Doreen Virtue have a go at the risen lord? I also have to wonder how a vision of Jesus also compels someone to believe in a host of social, pseudo-historical, pseudo-scientific, political, and spiritual beliefs that were almost certainly not included in said vision, but I guess she took the rest of her talking points from her Bible study group. In spite of the temptation to weigh in, I just said to myself at the time, “Fuck it. Not my circus, not my tent revival” and moved on with my day. I think I made a “who cares?” comment or two at the time but that was it.

But, fast forward and now, Ms. Lacking in Virtue has released a pontificating polemic  entitled “An A-Z List of New Age Practices to Avoid, and Why.” Despite my belief that Witchcraft is Witchcraft and not a subgroup of the New Age as some would argue, there are many practices shared between the two groups and Ms. Virtue has come full force in attacking them so I’m going to comment. 

While Ms. Virtue claims she’s not “hating on anyone, or judging anyone,” that’s exactly what she’s doing when she outright attacks the ways and beliefs that people hold dear. 

When Virtue states that “The new age teaches that demons and the devil don’t exist, so that demons can operate undercover without being noticed,” she’s essentially accusing New Agers, Witches, and occultists of knowingly and consciously peddling both so why she bothers with the passive aggressive veneer of not judging is mindboggling. As I always say, if you’re going to play the Devil’s game, do it in the Devil’s name. In other words, she should just come right out and accuse us of deceiving people because that’s absolutely what she’s implying with the comment above.

Virtual also claims that, if her “list offends or upsets you, it’s likely because the demons which have been oppressing you are offended and upset.” No, it’s that few among us want to be told that the beliefs and practices we hold sacred are an abomination. And, to completely demolish her logic that offense or upset is relegated to those who are allegedly oppressed by demons, does anyone reading this honestly think I couldn’t “offend or upset” non-demonically-oppressed Christians from one end of the day to the other? Just ask the New Orleans Catholic Archdiocese how they feel about me after their members protested HexFest and I told the New Orleans Advocate newspaper that I’d counter-protest their churches with scantily-clad strippers in pointy Witch hats. 

While Virtue’s list would better be used as a simple guide to some really spectacular, some mediocre, and a few outright kooky practices one could embrace on the road to self-development, instead she outlines these practices as doorways to the demonic. I won’t address every entry listed in her blog, but here are the items that stood out to me:

Crystals — Virtue claims that, “while the Bible is filled with references to crystals, nowhere are we told to worship them.” How many people actually worship crystals? Sure, they have energy in them, and that’s scientifically proven, but is anyone actually getting down on their knees and praying to a geode? I guess someone out there might be but there is quite the thriving Witch and New Age communities in both Salem and New Orleans and I’ve never seen this in practice in the thirty years I’ve been lighting candles and chanting to the dev … I mean old gods. 

Divination— Apparently Virtue would have us “bring our concerns to God instead of a fortune-teller.” Let me get this straight. Isn’t this the person who spent decades creating divination decks that people could use themselves instead of going to a fortune-teller? Using a divination tool yourself is, in fact, a powerful method to communicate both with your deeper self and with your Gods and spirits. See Mary Greer’s book Tarot for Yourself for an excellent introduction to such work.

Drumming Circles —According to the Virtuous one, “We should direct all of our prayers to God, and avoid going into trances which could make us susceptible to demonic intrusion.” She clearly doesn’t understand the science of magic and psychic work. I can almost guarantee you that if I hooked anyone in an average Pentecostal Church into an EEG machine to monitor their brain waves, they’d be in alpha or even theta brain wave levels—which are both among the forms of trance that drumming induces. So if trance itself is bad, I think many of these Christians are in serious danger.

Earth Angels— I can’t comment on this since the only thing I know about the subject is the 1954 doo-wop song by the Penguins. 

Fairies —Virtue informs us that, “in reality, [Fairies are] usually demons-in-disguise or an overactive imagination” and that “We must be cautious about sparkly enticements that the devil places before us.”Well, I do think an overactive imagination comes with the territory of nearly every religious affiliation so I can’t dispute her there, but I can disagree with her on the fact that … scratch that … she’s right. Faeries aren’t all sparkly and some can actually be as dangerous as anything we associate with the Demonic. Ok, score one for Doreen except that the Fae folk can be powerful allies for those who take the time to work with them correctly.

Feng Shui— Heaven knows (pun intended) that Jesus will smite me with leprosy if he doesn’t like where I put my couch. 

Goddesses —I notice that Virtue gives the great Goddesses of the world a special entry for her scorn, relegating the spectrum of deity to an entry on “Deities and Divinities.” Of course she does because she also notes that people turn to Goddesses in reaction their view that Christianity is “patriarchal or misogynist.” Well, if the sandal fits, Doreen. While I generally don’t feel the need to criticize Christianity unless they’re using their power in the political sphere to oppress others, I’m going to go “Out on a Limb” (Shirley MacLaine, 1983) here and take a crack. All anyone needs to do to understand the truth depths of misogyny and patriarch  of Christianity is read the Malleus Malificarum (Heinrich Kramer and Jacob Sprenger, 1487). Don’t come through the Temples of the Goddess with a white glove unless your own church is dust free, because I can get all tea and all shade where the Church is concerned.

Harry Potter — No, no, I just can’t. Ok, ok, I will. So many Christians love Narnia and Lord of the Rings and fail to realize that the Christian allegory of the former and the occasional Christian metaphors of the latter (Tolkien “cordially dislike[d] allegory in all its manifestations”), precious few Children are going to consciously take either stories to the depths required to understand that those books are anymore Biblical than Harry Potter.

Hypnosis — See Drumming Circles above.

Journeying —See Drumming Circles above.

Law of Attraction, Manifesting —Virtue scoffs at the beliefs “that your thoughts can manipulate and control your circumstances” and that “that we can create and attract whatever we want, if we are just positive enough.” While I think that the so-called “Law of Attraction” is an often simplified package of what manifestation really involves, I’ll quote Jesus when he said, “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” If simply asking in prayer is powerful enough on its own, why would Christ bother to tell his disciples  to “believe that you have received it?” See more Biblical quotes on the idea of “speaking things into existence.”

Mediumship— Doreen claims that “Demons pretend to be your departed loved one, and they give some accurate message that only you could know.” Well, I certainly disagree that they’re demons but I’d also like to point out that, when King Saul went to visit the Witch of Endor (1 Samuel 28) and said Witch called up the spirit of Samuel, even though his doing so was criticized, nowhere does the Bible state that this apparition of Samuel was a demon. Moreover, Samuel’s production that King Saul and his sons would die in battle the following day turned out to be true. Witch of Endor and Samuel: 1; King Saul and Bible: 0. 

Mercury Retrograde —Virtue points out that, “Since God created the planet Mercury, it is God who is sovereign and in control of our destiny.”Using Doreen’s line of reasoning, God also created air and, far as I can tell, we all still need to breathe it.  

Paganism —Doreen insists that, while “most pagan worshippers claim they don’t believe in Satan,” that “there’s no question that Satan is their chief source of influence and control,” that Pagans “deify him in their worldly and sensual practices,” and, “as such, paganism should be avoided.” Well, I don’t agree with her assessment of Pagans at all, but then I also don’t identify as a Pagan so I think those who do are better suited to fight that fight.

Peace Signs – Here we go! Yep, the Virtuous one trucks out the old chestnut that “A peace sign is an upside-down and broken cross, symbolizing the rebellion against Christianity.” No, Doreen. “The modern peace sign was designed by Gerald Holtom for the British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in 1958. The vertical line in the center represents the flag semaphore signal for the letter D, and the downward lines on either side represent the semaphore signal for the letter N. “N” and “D”, for nuclear disarmament, enclosed in a circle.” See: Encyclopedia Britannica

Psychic Readings— According to Virtue, “psychic information comes from demonic sources” and that’s “how demons hook us in.” But prophecy is ok of course because you just know that they have a machine hidden in the basement of Churches that can scientifically determine the difference between prophecy and psychic ability.

Sage— Doreen tells us that, “instead of turning to plants, we should go directly to Jesus of Nazareth as the only authority for casting away demons and unclean spirits.” Well, the Bible certainly does reference herbs for healing (see: Open Bible’s references to herbs for healing) and, in at least one case, in Psalm 51:7, it is said advised to “Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean; wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.” I don’t think the writer is equating hyssop with just physical cleansing, especially when the association between the herb and religious purification goes all the way back to ancient Egypt. Moreover, while I know that many Evangelicals detest Catholicism, I’ve been to many a Catholic church where resins like frankincense and myrrh are burned to purify. And hey, didn’t the three kings bring both of those to Christ as a gift at his birth?

Statues— This claim by Virtue, that “Worshipping, venerating, lighting candles to, or praying to a statue is sinful,” an attack also often leveled by Protestant Evangelicals against Catholics, they’re really missing the point here. I don’t know anyone that actually prays toa statue. They’re no less symbolic than a cross and, while I know Evangelicals take Christ off the crucifix for the same reason, it also shows how little they understand of symbology. A cross is just as representative of Christ’s sacrifice as a crucifix and neither are more or less symbolic than a statue. Now, yes, I do think that a statue, cross, or any other object can be imbued with sacred power and thus are more than simply symbolic, but it could also be argued that all things in creation contain sacred power already. While a statue can be more than simply symbolic, it is more correctly identified as a portal of consciousness to the divine than the actual deity itself. 

Unicorns—This seems to be what most people have been focusing in on regarding Doreen’s attacks on New Age practices. I can’t even address it with a straight face so I’ll just let the Irish Rovers tell the story …

Wicca—Doreen separates Wicca and Witchcraft. I don’t identify what I do as “Wicca” with a ‘k,’ but I am descended in lineage from Gerald Gardner and, while he certainly added much to Witchcraft, I do not believe that he invented it.

Witchcraft – It is fascinating to me that Doreen takes the time to justify the miracles of Moses as distinct from alleged demonic power of the Pharaoh’s magicians, as though the very same actions can be divided into categories of good and evil depending on how you view the “source” of the power. I look at it a different way and I talk about this in my book. I argued that the reason Moses’ power was greater was not because he was calling on a different god than they were, but that his experience was direct, shamanic, and ecstatic and that the burning bush represented a direct connection to the supernatural worlds versus the power of the magicians that was limited by their obedience to the will of the pharaoh. And that is where the true fear lies—that both Moses and the rest of us can go direct to spirit for our inspiration and that our magical souls no longer be enslaved to the will of political strongmen.

I think I’ll end on that empowering note and go back to forgetting the existence of Doreen Virtue and her addlepated attacks on the sacred practices of others. I hope she abandons this judgmental claptrap and goes back to making her oracle decks because our customers really love them. It’s sad that she’s relegated herself to the self-righteous parroting of these antiquated ideas and I hope that her Christian walk allows her to broaden her mind rather than stifle it. I will close by saying that I know many good Christians, Evangelical, Catholic, Pentecostal, Protestant, and others and, for them, Christianity is a beacon of goodness and peace and not a platform from which to disparage and belittle.  

58 thoughts on “A Former New-Ager Turned Fundie Christian Wackjob to Avoid, and Why

  1. Totally off her rocker ,I’m waiting for her to have her own Sunday morning preach the gospel show -maybe that’s what she’s aiming for Lmao!
    Love you Christian Day (:

  2. Great article. I was unaware of her writing such a book. That is what brainwashing does it creates a truth that is real and hurts us by making Witches look like we ate evil.

    Thank you for sharing.


  3. Well said! I don’t understand how anyone who has actually read the bible can find any truth or sanctuary there. What a bunch of noise. Patriarchy, xenophobia, misogyny, slavery, and good old Abraham was a thug and a pimp. Christian values, indeed!
    I don’t believe in the devil, either, and methinks the lady doth protest too much.
    Love the blog!

  4. Thank you for this article! Just a few hours earlier, I had read her article A to Z on avoiding New Age stuff ( using my words for the title). It really bothersome me . I will refer to this article for comfort & clarity.

    I grew up in a religion that had lots of demon possessed ones and I was terrified as a little one.

    Also, I have a few of her (New Age) books that always bothered me and I felt were fake.

    Even while I read her article against “new age” religions, I feel she is faking her so called Christianity.
    Thanks again for making me feel better!

    • Doreen is in it for the money. She is now against everything that used to bring the cash in to her. She had deck and books of fairies, unicorns, Goddesses etc… I was wondering what she would get into once her crappy »safe » tarot decks stopped selling. If you need an eyeroll check out her mermaid book where she goes into full mermaid mid-life crisis and can be seen wearing a latex mermaid tail swanning about in a pool.

    • Yes! I try, I try, not to be bothered by spelling, or auto correct mistakes. I am a Virgo damnit, and it is difficult.

        • I can honestly say that I don’t know whether she has lost some of her cognitive abilities, or if her newfound Christianity is simply a money making ploy.

          I honestly feel that her sudden conversion has a lot to do with her finding herself in debt, and suddenly having an explosion of competition in the new age market, which she ultimately knew she couldn’t beat as her titles were basically just slightly re-worded versions of her own previous works. Putting down a movement that she was very much a part of seems to be an attempt to discredit all those who came after her – and are largely successful in the marketing of their products.

          While I agree in what Al said – that she has a right to hold the views and opinions that she says she believes in at this point in time – it does not give her the right to attack others’ points of views simply because they don’t fit her own.

      • When her views completely demonize the spiritual path of others with nastiness and falsehoods then yes she is due for a dose of her own poison.

  5. I “happened” to just now find your site and am so glad I did! Interesting about Doreen Virtue, I didn’t know that she had chosen this rigid Evengelical path. Very disappointing but explains the strange vibe I’ve felt from her work for years. I’m wondering if she had a breakdown. Never paid much attention to her other than I thought her work was at least a positive for many. Not so much now. Thanks for a great article.

  6. I have found many of these replies to Doreen to be bombastic, aggressive and judgmental (the thing they accuse her of doing), when she has been nothing but polite. She has the right to express her views and disagreements with the New Age. People can have disagreements, but they should be polite and civil about it.

    • Al,

      I do not believe that she’s being either polite nor civil when she accuses those of us who define these movements of consciously peddling demons, to say nothing of how she attacks our ways. In fact, by bearing false witness against us, she endangers us and gives justification to those who would deny us our civil rights.

      You’re out of your depth here.

      – Christian

    • In the very beginning of her article, it says that it is the demons in us that make us offended by what she is saying. So, yes, we are upset. Yes we do disagree, but according to her, we are not allowed to have thought or opinion. Basically she is not allowing anyone to have an opinion different from hers because we are plagued by demons. If we disagree, it is just the demons within us, making us disagree. You bet I disagree, and it’s not my “inner demons” speaking. She has turned into a zealot and has fanned the flames of hate with her article.

  7. Interesting article….glad you wrote this…..it is a strange situation to read about….too bad she has become like this….too bad she doesn’t seem to know her bible when making statements. Odd how she has changed into this preaching thing….or is she possessed by her own demons? Who knows? Who really cares? She made tons of money with all her divination cards and more……most likely it is all “business” to her and nothing else….tho not a great time to be getting on the “christian” bandwagon….

  8. So well said Christian. The flip of Doreen Virtue is more like possesion than anything else. The quote “me thinks the lady protests too much” comes to mind.

  9. She sounds pretty paranoid. As a goddess worshipping pagan witch, I find her claims to be bs at best and offensive and discriminatory at worst. She needs psychological help.

  10. Just wondering if Doreen still earns royalties/commissions on the sale of her numerous New Age books and Oracle card decks…🤔

    • I can guarantee she does. She also now earns money peddling Christian books by her and others on her Amazon storefront, yet she claims she’s making no money on her beliefs now. She is, and always has been, a total whackadoodle fame whore. I accidentally saw her speak back in 2010 when she was full on channeling angels and had a Casio keyboard player channeling “angel music” and couldn’t stop giggling at her, and was getting glares from her followers, so I excused myself to go get coffee. I regret nothing.

  11. Absolutely spot on. I was having a fit about this when her article/post began making the rounds earlier this week. I say, may the bridges she’s burned engulf her. Good riddance Pollyanna. Thank you for always being a source of intelligence, truth and sass.


  13. I had a long time friendship implode last year because of something similar. After being wiccan/pagan for almost 20 years, my friend had also had a vision of Jesus (in her shower!) and suddenly everything we believed in was not only wrong, but evil. She began publicly denouncing our practices and saying her former friends needed to be “saved from the clutches of SATAN!!!”. I responded, stating I was fine with whatever she wanted to believe, but why trash her former friends and their beliefs. She went ballistic, criticized me for responding publicly (when I was responding to her public post) and that I was never her friend, etc, etc.

    She has since joined some radical church/group/cult who say they “do their best to follow God’s original instructions”. This includes head covering and no holiday celebrations – including no celebrating Christmas. And no birthday candles, because “when you make a wish and blow out candles . . . it’s BLACK MAGIC!!!” She’s since been appearing on their videos giving “testimony” about her escape from Satan and “educating” on the evils of everything she used to believe.

    Anyway, thanks Christian for your always insightful words and allowing me a place to vent.

    • I firmly believe that somewhere out there in the Otherworld, there is a massive evangelical/fundamentalist “Christian” thoughtform that can possess people, because I’ve seen too much of this. When people convert back, they almost never convert back to liberal, inclusive, mystical Christianity — which does exist, and I know wonderful folks in it — but rather to the most extreme hardcore stuff possible.

      • Well, liberalism is almost synonymous with socialism. The “doctrine” of socialism speaks of charity, love, benevolence, brotherhood-sisterhood and equality. But anyone who has ever been to socialist countries can tell you that socialist liberalism leads to everybody getting robbed by the ‘powers that be’ and the only equality that exists is in the sad fact that everybody ends up equally POOR. Venezuela is a prime example. I believe in equality, but not socialism. And since most Liberals believe in socialism ( giving everything away for the good of the community — which is a lie, because that’s what REAL charities are for!!! ), which takes from those who have worked hard all their lives to get what they have and throws it in the hands of not only the unfortunate ( which is what charities are for ), but drug addicts, prostitutes, pimps, drug users, criminals, and people who leech off of the system!!! And without any incentive to strive to get ahead, people get apathetic. Then they get frustrated. The “middle class” vanishes and you’re left with the very very rich ( dogs like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck “the schmuck” Schumer ) and the desperately poor!!! Soon among the poor, morality disintegrates into a smoldering “screw it” attitude, and before you know it, our coastlines become filled with pirates, and our cities are overrun with crime, gangs and drug cartels.
        Christianity, on the other hand teaches a sort of SPIRITUAL socialism, where you are basically ruled over by an all powerful dictator or king.
        NO THANKS!!!

    • It is truly astounding to me that one vision is enough for these folks to change their entire path in life and belief system. I’m not going to get into my inner life here, but theirs must be incredibly dry, lonely and boring. One visit! SMH.

  14. WOW!!! Just wow!!! This article brought to mind a teacher fro my junior high school days; He had been a semi pro baseball player being scouted for the Pros ,til an accident with barbed wire disabled his hand… He made a statement once that he had “converted” to Christianity after reading the bible front to back , while drinking beer… He no longer imbibed , and “infused” his English class with quotes from his “book” … Felt like I was at the local church , instead of school. Haven’t attended a “service” since except the obligatory funerals, and learned to put my “demons” away in the locker of my mind , during my “tour” of vietnam. I can “coexist” with most anyone now , unless they are trying to kill me , or control my personal life…. I read articles as curiosity, not in search of “enlightenment/instruction” now , and find your rebuttal of the “convert” a mild satisfaction of the above.

  15. I have a natural born psychic gift from God but I learned how to hone many of my skills from Doreen Virtue so if I do the devils work then she was the teacher. I don’t plan on changing either.

  16. Good read, my friend.
    Could you explain a bit more of your side under the Wicca topic? I also separate Wicca amd Witchcraft. My view is, pretty much, that all Wiccans are Witches (at the very least by practice), but certainly not all Witches are Wiccans. Myself included. When Philip Carr-Comm asked me what my opinions of his books, DruidCraft and the two versions of The Druid Way, (loved them)..
    I told him the only thing I disliked was that he used those two terms interchangeably, amd explained why. (Which he found interesting.) There’s video of that somewhere.
    Blessings, Christian.

  17. Easy for her to condemn practices that she had once helped to perpetuate into mainstream spirituality with the comforts that her money has b/rought.
    Seriously, sage is wrong? Dissing an ancient smudging practice of indigenous peoples is abhorrent.

  18. I am one who believes strongly in the law of intent and the art of manifestation. and with millions of Christian base religions believing in the devil and demons, than manifestations are likely to happen. how could it not. a person with such strong believe will manifest no matter the believe base. i am sorry to hear that Doreen is pushing her own agenda like the above considering her roots. I hope she finds inner peace as from the exerts provided above, it doesn’t seem like she has that at present. it sounds like a war is happening with her and you know the old shakespeare’s say “The lady doth protest too much, methinks

  19. Well written, Christian. All of this makes me wonder if she ever believed what she taught to begin with. Some of the stuff she says…she knows isn’t true. She was in the NA community long enough to know.

  20. I guess it’s like when you quit smoking. The worst non smoker is an ex-smoker. More power to her and her new “one true” God. But there is no need to attack everyone and every thing in the world she once loved. She can denounce pagamism and witchcraft but what did the unicorn ever do to her? Lol. Christian, I literally laughed out loud in your comment about feng shui.

  21. I cant stop laughing!! This was so awesome! I have simular writing technique as you,my friend. My friends say i can rip out someones soul through there asshole with a smile on my face and a poetic forming of words. 😈 its what i do i guess lol. Ignorance is so irritating,”i see dumb people” haha she can run her skittles up her ass cuz obviously her mind is closed tighter.🐑 thats what they are…🐑🐑🐑 clueless ssshhheeeppp!! Anyhow…point on! 👏👏👏

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  23. I did not read all comments so if this was shared already, please excuse this repeat. But the whole channeling section – Does she (and all fundamentalists) not realize that the 4 gospels were Channeled???!!!!! That at least one of te books was written by a hermit who lived in a cave and claimed that God himself wrote through him? God it’s one thing to have a change of heart. It’s another thing to protheletize (sp?) against other people’s beliefs. Fine Doreen – find Jesus and renounce all of your previous worldly life. I hope it brings you much comfort and love. But keep the rest to yourself!

    • I don’t think so. You mean to tell me that indigenous people in other parts of the world to this very day who haven’t been colonized are going to hell if they don’t accept christianity? I have always thought that is cruel. Their spiritual and cultural practices are ancient. We might not understand them but they belong to them. For instance the people in the Adaman Islands. The Government wants them to leave their indigenous land so they can turn it into tourist attractions. Locals go over there, try to feed them modern food, give them alcohol , rape them, and try to convert them to a religion. It’s honestly sad. For Doreen to condemn spiritual practices( I can’t stand the term New Age, but I understand how people use the word interchangeably) years of metaphysical, esoteric, and occult knowledge that is much older than her Christianity is ridiculous. You can’t tell me she doesn’t know the spiritual/pagan origins of that particular religion.

      • If Christianity is true, a person who’s never heard the name Jesus Christ should still have a conscience; people from all cultures, know that lying, stealing, envying, murdering, etc, is wrong.

  24. If Christianity is true, a person who’s never heard the name Jesus Christ should still have a conscience; people from all cultures, know that lying, stealing, envying, murdering, etc, is wrong.

  25. A witch is a spiritual path. We teach christianty to those who wish to learn to be Christian.. We heal that person through our knowledge of herbs , magic etc. We make them walk again, when the neurosurgeon says no. Our fee is free., That is our way, Beware of fee and pride it dishonors our art.. Walk with goddess and god. Some things cannot be bought but given freely.

  26. Doreen Virtue is on, I think, husband number four. He is a Fundamentalist to the best of my knowledge. I think she has codependency issues (ya think?)

    Many people think she’s just jumped on a bandwagon to make herself a tidy profit. Personally my intuition says she is sincere – but also more than willing to make a nice and tidy little profit. I have always gotten a mixed feeling from Ms. Virtue. She has some manipulative energy in her aura and a real heavy sense of depression – would be interesting to know her family story. I wish her the best and enjoyed reading your blog.

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